St Andrew Square

St Andrew Square

St Andrew Square, Edinburgh

The history of St Andrew Square

St Andrew Square, a distinguished square in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, is named after Scotland’s patron saint, St Andrew. Conceived as a key element of James Craig’s visionary plan for the New Town, it embodies the elegance and symmetry characteristic of Georgian urban design. Today, St Andrew Square stands as a hub of commerce, culture, and leisure.

Cultural significance

St Andrew Square is culturally significant as a focal point of Edinburgh’s New Town, blending architectural splendour with vibrant urban life. Its immaculate gardens, encircled by neoclassical facades, provide a serene retreat for residents and visitors alike. The square’s role as a commercial and cultural hub adds to its dynamic character.

Why is it important to Edinburgh?

St Andrew Square is a cornerstone of Edinburgh’s New Town. It serves as a bustling hub for business, dining, and cultural activities. The square’s hosts the former Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters and the Melville Monument, underscoring its central role in the city’s landscape.

Key Features

Relaxing Gardens: St Andrew Square’s gardens provide a peaceful respite amidst the urban bustle. They offer a verdant oasis for relaxation, leisurely walks, and outdoor gatherings.

Commercial and Cultural Hub: St Andrew Square is home to a range of businesses, eateries, and cultural venues. From high-end dining to boutique shopping, it offers a diverse array of experiences for locals and visitors.

Key events

In 2008, St Andrew Square became the focal point of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. This literary extravaganza brought together renowned authors, thinkers, and book enthusiasts from around the world. St Andrew Square transformed into a vibrant space for literary discussions, readings, and cultural exchange, reaffirming its status as a hub for intellectual pursuits.

Additional information

St Andrew Square was established in the late 18th century, forming a pivotal part of the New Town’s grand design.
St Andrew Square’s harmonious blend of architectural elegance, landscaped gardens, and commercial vitality sets it apart. It offers a multi-faceted experience in the heart of the city.
St Andrew Square is located at the east end of George St, in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town.

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