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Edinburgh World Heritage/Events/Confronting fire at our next CPD

Confronting fire at our next CPD

Gaby Laing

16th October 2018

Gaby Laing

Those of us who regularly attend seminars, lectures and conferences are used to hearing the tick-box announcement at the start:

“There are no alarms scheduled so if you hear one please make your way our through these doors…”

Much like the safety demonstration on aeroplanes, many of us probably don’t think too much about it; it’s a bit of housekeeping, mentioned at the same time as the location of the toilets. However, on the flip side, perhaps having fire safety feature as prominently in our daily lives as bathroom breaks should serve to entrench its importance in our daily routines.

This is none more apparent when considering fire and heritage. It is a crushingly sad irony that the majority of fires which break out in historic buildings occur when the building is getting renovated or going through improvement works. The higher instances of these fires is due to the fact that the building might be missing roofs, walls, floors and doors, allowing the fire to spread more rapidly.

Therefore, following on from our previous CPD on the journey of stone, the next instalment of our training series looks at the risks, management procedures and preventative measures we can employ to protect historic buildings from fire. We’ll also hear about approaches for restoring damaged fabric once a fire has occurred.

While the line-up is still growing, we already have confirmed:

  • Mike Coull, Heritage Fire and Safety Ltd
  • Julie Bon, National Trust for Scotland
  • and Pat Gibbons, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

The event is taking place at the Dome of New Register House, which houses Scottish birth, death and marriage records dating back to 1553, lending an interesting dimension to our talks on fire safety when considering archives and special collections housed in historic buildings.

Edinburgh World Heritage is a recognised content provider for CPD by the IHBC. The RIAS is happy to recommend this event to its members. If you are interested in attending, book your tickets now via Eventbrite.