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Edinburgh World Heritage/News/Dean Village through young people’s eyes

Dean Village through young people’s eyes

25th April 2018

Edinburgh World Heritage

Last week, we ran a successful heritage skills workshop for young people aged 16 to 24. The day included a lesson on interpretation, a stone-carving demonstration, and a crash course in filmmaking and more.

This culminated with an evening event on World Heritage Day, where volunteers from the workshop came to present to the audience about what they had learned, and what they felt about Edinburgh’s heritage. They helped us to launch the Young Person’s Heritage Manifesto, which was well received by stakeholders in the heritage sector.

The evening also provided an opportunity for the participants to premier the films they had produced during the workshop. With just one hour to conceptualise and shoot their films using only mobile phone cameras, each ‘crew’ explored the area around Dean Village to find a unique angle, and tell a short, interesting story.

Considering how tight the deadline was, we were very impressed with the footage they produced, and after taking their ‘editing notes’ on board, we are happy to present the finished films to the world:

Discovering Dean Village

Dean Village: Slow down, focus on the details

Courting Quiet

Finlay’s Legacy

Thanks once again to the inspiring young people who joined us for the workshop and presented their findings, and films, to our members and colleagues on World Heritage Day.

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