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These are for conservation work to privately owned and commercial historic buildings. Grants are offered up to 70% of eligible costs, £50,000 of which are Non-Repayable and the rest is Interest-free repayable grants (over £50,000) on the sale or transfer of the property.

Our priorities

We will prioritise grant funding based on:

  • Routes – Historic buildings and public spaces that are on major routes through the World Heritage Site such as Leith Walk, London Road, South Bridge, Lothian Road 
  • Need – Historic buildings in particular need of repair throughout the World Heritage Site
  • Regeneration – supporting targeted neighbourhoods to help improve their environment through conservation

Our criteria

  • architectural merit
  • historic interest
  • townscape value
  • evidence of risk to the property or historic environment
  • urgency of work required
  • threat to Site’s Outstanding Universal Values
  • compliance with policies and objectives in the EWH Site Management Plan and Action Plan
  • improvements to economic and social conditions
  • overall financial viability of the project
  • financial need for grant demonstrated
  • public realm work of historic significance
  • sustainability of development

What we DON’T fund

  • routine maintenance and minor repairs
  • alterations and private interior work
  • demolitions
  • upgrading of services
  • underground drainage
  • stone cleaning
  • work already under way