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Help ensure Edinburgh remains the best place for your business to thrive

Edinburgh World Heritage’s Corporate Membership programme allows your business to make an important contribution to the conservation of our city’s remarkable World Heritage Site, whilst providing a fun and meaningful benefit that leads to higher employee satisfaction. Annual rates are good value and start from as low as £500.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Annual Corporate Membership begins at £500 per year for businesses with under 30 employees and represents excellent value for money.
Benefits include:

• Exclusive events on-site at key Edinburgh World Heritage projects

• Bespoke tours for staff of the lesser-known parts of the Old and New Towns

• Annual ‘thank you’ reception

• Preferential access to all Edinburgh World Heritage members’ events and lectures

• Recognition on our website and through other channels

• Being part of the great tradition of companies and individuals who have contributed to the conservation of Edinburgh

Why Become a Corporate Member?

Edinburgh’s inspiring historic environment is the backdrop to hundreds of successful businesses across sectors as diverse as banking, insurance, legal services, digital and hospitality, many of them located within the Old and New Towns World Heritage Site.

Our heritage is also the reason many visitors come to the city, and a key contributor to Edinburgh’s extraordinary high quality of life, recently assessed as second highest in the world. This makes it an ideal place to do business, as well as a place where a highly skilled and creative workforce wants to live and develop their career.

But our city’s World Heritage Site is a fragile environment that requires specialist, on-going conservation. We also have a responsibility to explain what’s special about the city to a broad and inclusive audience of residents, visitors and stakeholders so that current and future generations take an active role in caring for Edinburgh.

Through becoming a Corporate Member of Edinburgh World Heritage, your business will make an important contribution to the conservation and better understanding of the city’s remarkable World Heritage Site. Corporate Membership can also provide a fun and meaningful benefit that leads to higher employee satisfaction.

Join us today!

To become a Corporate Member of Edinburgh World Heritage, please fill in the Membership Form and return to our Membership Officer, Barbara Alexander, on Barbara will then contact you to arrange your company’s subscription.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries at all, we would love to hear from you.

Further information is available in our Corporate Membership brochure.

Edinburgh World Heritage is committed to quality and impartiality in all aspects of our work, which is not influenced by corporate membership.

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