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Edinburgh World Heritage/High and Mighty

High and Mighty

Edinburgh has a fine collection of monuments that reflect its status as Scotland’s capital. From the lofty structures on Calton Hill that dominate the city’s skyline, to intimate depictions of beloved pets, each monument has its own story to tell.

The city’s statues tell the story of many of Scotland’s influential figures. Some of Edinburgh’s people argue that it is an incomplete and outdated version of the past with some important people missing.

Kieron, outdoor personal trainer, explores Edinburgh’s many hills and landmarks on a regular basis © Alicia Bruce

You shouldn't have to be dead for 500 years to get a statue!

Nicola - resident

I think we feel no connection to the statues because, for the most part, we do not know why they are there. So not only are we far below them physically, we are also far ahead of them in terms of society’s values.

Kit - resident

We have a lot of historical figures and inventors and things like that you see in statues and on the side of buildings. That’s quite a lot of history.

Paul - resident

Statue of artist Allan Ramsay in Princes Street Gardens.

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