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Learning to live sustainably

Seven Green Heritage lesson plans have been created by Edinburgh World Heritage to give teachers ideas of how to share the message of sustainability with their class within the context of the World Heritage Site. The lesson plans fall into the three themes of energy efficiency, food miles and active travel.

The lesson plans have been created with a range of ages in mind and most can be adapted to suit the ability of your class or group.

Energy Boost

Energy efficiency

Sustainable City
  • Recommended for second level Sciences (SCN 2-04a).
  • The Energy History resource is recommended for second level Social Studies, Sciences and Technologies (SOC 2-08a, SCN 2-04b & TCH 2-02a & 2-02b)

Two resources – draught excluder and heat loss workshops – explore where draughts come from and use problem solving skills to measure and prevent them. A third, cross-curricular resource – Energy History – explores how energy usage has changed throughout the history of Edinburgh and encourages pupils to think about their own energy use.

Download the lesson plans here:

Food Miles

Sustainable City
  • Recommended for first and second level Health and Wellbeing (HWB 1-35a/2-35a)

This activity explores food production and the idea of food miles. The workshop can be undertaken with or without a visit to the garden situated in the Canongate.

Download the lesson plan here:

Active Travel

Sustainable City
  • Recommended for first and second level Social Studies (SOC 1-08a & SOC 2-08a, 2-09a & 2-10a) and first and second level Technologies (TCH 1-02a & TCH 2-02a)

These resources invite pupils to explore their own area and journey to school. It encourages pupils to think about sustainable transport options and the future effects they may have. The Green Map tour provides an outdoor exploration which could be used as homework or with an after school club or scout or girl guiding group.

The following activities centre on our Green Map and Community Map – find them here.

Download the lesson plans here:

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