Old & New Towns of Edinburgh – World Heritage Site Management Plan

Edinburgh World Heritage, in partnership with Edinburgh’s historic city managers, Historic Environment Scotland (HES) and the City of Edinburgh Council, has launched a public consultation to develop the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site Management Plan 2024+.

World Heritage Site Management Plans are important strategy documents that are required by UNESCO to show that a site is being managed effectively. The Management Plan 2024+ is the fourth such plan since the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh World Heritage Site was inscribed in 1995, and lays out the strategy for managing the site for the next ten years.

The proposed Management Plan 2024+, which has been developed using responses to the 2022 public consultation and through engagement events, will represent Edinburgh World Heritage, the City of Edinburgh Council and HES’s united vision of how the site should be managed. In addition to setting out this united vision, the Management Plan is a material consideration in planning applications within the World Heritage Site.

The Management Plan 2024+ is being developed alongside a shorter-term World Heritage Site Action Plan 2024-26, a more dynamic and flexible document that will record and update goals and challenges within the site every two years.

It is vitally important that all those who live, work, and visit Edinburgh have their say in how the city should be managed. The 2022 consultation identified five themes of relevance to the management of the World Heritage Site:

  • Awareness, appreciation and activity around World Heritage Site status
  • Climate emergency 
  • Conservation and maintenance of buildings and public spaces
  • Control, guidance, and contribution of new development to city centre
  • Sustainable visitor experience 

If you have views about these themes, please consider completing the online consultation.

The consultation on the proposed Management Plan will run until 8th April 2024 and can be completed here.

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