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    This fascinating project aims to capture 3-D digital representations of our historic cities as they developed through time. As such, it will be an invaluable tool for conservationists, city planners and architects and will be especially useful in Edinburgh with its large and impressive historic city centre. The APPROACH acronym stands for ‘Applicable Representation of City Centres with Heritage Importance’ and brings together people from across the heritage, education, vocational training and media sectors.

    The main output of the programme will be a collection of interactive 3-D city maps showing the centres of Edinburgh, Granada, Budapest and Lublin. The creation of these animated models is based on scientific and historical research involving the collection data from maps, drawings and archive texts. The data is then used to rebuild and present selected time periods of the cities – from their foundation to modern times. This approach gives a possibility to freely explore these cities in both space and time. As a result of the programme, a full study will be produced together with a summary of steps taken by architectural and media partners. Hopefully, as a result of this research, other historic cities will follow the lead of APPROACH and produce similar digital records.

    The APPROACH project will also produce a series of video tutorials and manuals on the creation of 3-D interactive content. Our methodology uses the latest trends within computer aided design and interactive gaming technologies.