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Edinburgh World Heritage/Paolozzi at Large

Paolozzi at Large


Explore Eduardo Paolozzi's public work around Edinburgh, celebrating his deep connection with the city.

Starting Point: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Number of stops: 6

Distance: 3 miles

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A sculptural legacy

The Paolozzi at large in Edinburgh – Interactive Map, in collaboration with poet Christine De Luca, is a part of the Eduardo Paolozzi Project created and developed by Carlo Pirozzi (University of Edinburgh).

The multi-disciplinary project is an homage to Eduardo Paolozzi (1924–2005), one the greatest Scottish and European artists of the 20th century. Known as the Father of Pop Art, he was a prolific sculptor and printmaker as well as an inspirational teacher.

He was born in Edinburgh into an immigrant Italian family who ran an ice cream and confectionary shop in Albert Street, Leith.

The project is divided into two main parts: book & exhibition, and an interactive map hosted by Edinburgh World Heritage.

The book Paolozzi at large in Edinburgh (Luath Press: Edinburgh, 2018), co-edited by Christine De Luca and Carlo Pirozzi, includes reproductions of twelve of Paolozzi’s major artworks in Edinburgh, alongside twelve poems written in response by Christine De Luca, with translations into Italian by Francesca Romana Paci. For each of the artworks featured, there is also an accompanying creative commentary written by a prominent researcher, as well as more personal reflections by the writer Vivian French, whose brother Ray Watson was for 30 years Paolozzi’s main assistant and model maker. The book also includes reproductions of artworks by members of the Royal Scottish Academy, in response to the principal themes of Paolozzi, who was himself an honorary member of the RSA.

The second part, funded by Edinburgh World Heritage, is the creation and development of this interactive map, identifying artworks by Paolozzi and locations linked to Paolozzi’s life in the city. All artworks featured on the Edinburgh map will be accompanied by links to original podcasts of some poems by Christine De Luca (linked to the book), as well as new creative responses written by other writers, including a powerful short story by Alexander McCall Smith.

Click on the image below to go to the interactive map:

Each location on the map connected to Paolozzi’s life will link to recordings of friends, family and colleagues of Paolozzi reminiscing about the artist, and discussing his powerful presence in the city. These include his sister Yolanda, the writer Vivian French, and the well-known artist and arts promoter Richard Demarco.

The project will continue to create and to promote new artworks inspired by Paolozzi, including work by students, communities and artists. One upcoming part of the project is a series of ‘Paolozzi walks’ in Edinburgh developed by the poet Ken Cockburn.

All parts of this project, strongly inspired by Paolozzi’s way of making art as a creative process that ‘never stops’, are featured on the University of Edinburgh’s Italo-Scottish Research Cluster (ISRC) website, directed by Federica Pedriali and coordinated by Carlo Pirozzi. The ISRC, funded through a Large Research Grant from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland (2012-2013), is the first online archive in Scotland and the rest of the UK to preserve historical documentation relating the Italo-Scots, one of Scotland’s largest immigrant communities over the last 150 years, and develops projects and collaborations between Scotland and Italy.

The interactive map was designed by Helga Pavelkova, who is a versatile and innovative illustrator based in Bratislava, Slovakia. She completed a degree in illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. Her work includes self-initiated and commissioned illustration work as well as some graphic design. She particularly enjoys creative collaboration for a specific purpose, particularly stories relating to real people.

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